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Version 8.4

Mar 2024

  • crash fixes

Version 8.3

Feb 2024

  • ability to scroll/edit long notes without dismissing the keyboard

  • add support for WebP image format

  • updated for iOS 17

Version 8.2

Oct 2022

  • fixed a date selector crash on iOS 16

Version 8.1

Mar 2022

  • fixed an issue with location/category values display option

  • fixed a search issue with barcodes that contain dashes 

  • crash fixes

Version 8.0

Feb 2022

Updated for iOS 15 and new search capabilities

  • updated for iOS/iPadOS 15 and iPhone 13

  • multi-word searching and advanced search logic. See in-app Help (Common Questions) for details.

  • item search now includes locations/categories in search results

  • supports iPadOS 15 menu-style shortcuts when using a hardware keyboard on iPad

  • fixed an issue with the currency not updating correctly when changing currencies 

  • fixed an issue with item thumbnail photos disappearing at large text sizes

Version 7.10

Mar 2021

This update adds report by category and other report improvements 

  • new report by category option

  • exclude specific categories from reports

  • include/exclude unfiled items in reports

  • print option now available for CSV reports

  • use calendar-style date picker on iOS 14

  • added support for Bermudian dollars

  • bug fixes

Version 7.9

Feb 2021

This update improves the iPad version with trackpad/pointer support and shortcut keys for adding/editing items.

  • hold ⌘ key on a hardware keyboard to view shortcuts on iPad

  • backup/export of large databases has been improved

  • fix for improperly sized report images

  • new repair photos option in the advanced settings screen

Note: There was a bug in version 7.8 on iOS 14 which caused saved photos to be much larger than they should be. The repair photos option can be used to fix these photos and reclaim storage space.

Version 7.4

Oct 2021

  • type numbers directly into the quantity field

  • improved WIFi sync progress/feedback

  • new iOS 14 photo picker

Version 7.3

Aug 2020

A huge update packed with new features and productivity improvements

  • attach PDFs to items by copying and pasting in the photo viewer

  • drag & drop PDFs into the item screen on iPad in split screen

  • select multiple items to move, categorize, duplicate & delete

  • move to next/previous item in editing screen

  • search bar always visible in item list

  • item screen shows all photo thumbnails in a scrollable list

  • tap & hold on thumbnail/text fields to copy

  • new share button in item screen

  • add searchable barcodes to notes field

  • pinch to zoom in camera view

  • dynamic text and voiceover support

  • export photos

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