Weight Diary Release Notes

Version 12.0

Jun 2023

New year. New features and options!

  • ability to set/modify time in the weight entry screen 

  • display body fat in weight units or as a percentage

  • more prominent grid lines in the fullscreen graph view

  • ability to specify height to nearest ½ inch

  • weight values now shown for each BMI category in Settings

  • fixed issue with BMI view when using high contrast accessibility setting

Version 11.1

Feb 2022

Minor bug fixes

  • fix issues with log view month headers - text size and classic theme color

Version 11.0

Nov 2021

Updated for iOS 15

  • lightest/heaviest dates now shown in summary 

  • start weight in settings renamed to start date  

  • specify loss/maintain/gain goal  during initial setup which sets the initial goal range and gain/loss colors

  • log view now organized by month

  • fixed backup import issue during setup  

  • update to latest Withings sync API

  • change the app icon to match your weight units in the appearance settings

Version 10.1

Mar 2021

New goal weight range feature for weight maintenance

  • Provides a buffer zone that allows for small daily weight fluctuations

  • adjust or set the goal weight range in the goal weight screen

  • summary view lightest/heaviest weight is now based on your start weight

Version 10.0

Feb 2021

Weight Diary is 10 years old and we’ve been doing some spring cleaning!

  • starting weight screen has been re-designed and improved

  • goal sounds can be disabled in the goal weight screen

  • new reset option to remove data older than a chosen date

  • weight curve no longer overshoots weight entries

  • swap gain/loss colors in the advanced settings screen

  • goal estimate  now works when goal weight is heavier than current weight

  • tap directly on log view entries in Edit mode to modify them

  • Swedish translation

Version 9.0

Dec 2019

Embrace your dark side with our new iOS dark mode theme!

  • gorgeous new dark mode theme for night owls

  • delete / modify entries firectly from the log view

  • pull-to-dismiss weight entry / settings screens

  • new calendar popover control

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